Telepost, Inc.

Telepost is bringing Telephony to the web with tools and services in the areas of messaging, web touring and document sharing.  This graphic represents the first look and feel of the site we launched for them.



Telepost, Inc.

Upon finishing their first product, they requested us to change the look of their site to better reflect the product interface design.



Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Santa Cruz Guitar Company builds hand crafted guitars for performers around the world.  They asked for a revamp of a current site and needed ongoing maintenance and upgrades.



Social Computing

This java development firm focuses on social interaction via the web.  Our design and maintenance of this site give us access to special tools and on-line methodologies.




This online skating magazine is a Santa Cruz Local Skaters forum which features articles, interviews, and much more.  This graphic was the first interface that was created for it.  Since then, the editors of the magazine have taken over design tasks.



Paw Prints

Clever design work enhancing Paw Prints mascot and logo has helped to escalate their presence on the Internet with great success.



Laughs Unlimited

Laughs Unlimited is one of the country's longest running comedy clubs.  This site was designed for interaction on the world wide web specifically for their scheduling of comedians and special promotions.