College Recruitment Strategies

In today's job marketplace, college recruitment is a "candidate rich" opportunity. With more jobs available than qualified candidates, Fraser Advertising can design your college recruitment program to give you the competitive edge to get the candidates you need to continue your successful recruitment program.

Employee Referral Incentive Programs

Most successful companies find that Employee Referral Programs fill twenty-five percent or more of their openings. What makes a successful employee referral program work? Fraser Advertising knows. From our global perspective of many employers, Fraser Advertising can design and customize a powerful Employee Referral Program to enhance your recruitment strategies.

On-line Recruitment

From our own Employment Opportunities bulletin board to other on-line advertising options, Fraser Advertising will get your recruitment message out to the world. And as an added value to you, Fraser Advertising can provide you with direct response from candidates via e-mail. Fraser Advertising can also develop electronic "blind ads" for your discreet recruitment needs.

Specialty Merchandising Items

Newspapers alone may not get the candidates you need to fill your open positions. Fraser Advertising can integrate with your other recruitment efforts and provide you with advertising and recruitment specialty merchandise for trade shows, job fairs and other events to both broaden and deepen your recruitment message. We can also provide you with employee and client recognition merchandise to meet all your communication needs.

Candidate Sourcing and Profiles

When print advertising isn't enough, Fraser Advertising can provide you with qualified candidate profiles from targeted companies. Our profile information includes salary amounts, benefits, job responsibilities and other pertinent items for your recruiter who will then contact these candidates and get them into an interview. In addition, our profiling services are more cost-effective than using traditional executive recruitment services.

Enhanced Recruitment Services

If you need an additional recruiter for a tough position, we can conduct executive searches faster and usually at a lower price than most search companies. We have conducted worldwide searches, sourcing directly out of companies, using access to numerous databases... including our own extensive proprietary database.